Monday, February 18, 2019

Computers in the Mathematics Classroom :: Math Technology Education

?Calculators and computers are reshaping themathematical landscape, and rail mathematics shouldreflect those changes? (NCTM 24). My view of mathematicsand geometry is that they go bargain in hand. You have toknow some algebraic procedures in order to be able toserve geometry problems. I never enjoyed Geometry inhigh naturalise but now that I see it in a antithetic future using GSP I really understand and enjoy it. Ithink that Geometry should be taught with software so the disciples can work with it hand in hand with the teacher andother savants. Looking from the teacher prospective itwould be easier to describe various concepts.To learn geometry means to know how to performgeometric problems and understand the subprogram. I alsothink that a person should know various ways to performgeometry including the rehearse of a ready reckoner and Geometry brief Pad. One expectation of Geometry according the NCTMStandards is to ?draw and construct representations of twoand cubic geomet ric objects using a variety oftools? (308). By using GSP the process is easier to follow 2then just using a draw and paper approach. Now don?t getme wrong using pencil and paper to draw various geometryobjects is ways to have the student learn expressrelational understanding. Geometry Sketch Pad gives theuser the election of reversing the steps to see were youstarted which could help to remember the process which iseven more than of a relational understanding. The user can alsosave his or her work for the future and the teacher is alsoable to see what the student?s train of thought.We need to use Dynamic Geometry Software in ourteaching and learning so we can see and play with problemspresented. By teaching with the use of Geometry Sketch Padthe teacher has the capabilities to teach away of thebook. It causes students to learn in a more relational wayas apposed to instrumental (How Should Mathematics BeTaught?). By learning with the use of Geometry Sketch Pada person is able to save their work for posterior reflectionsand they are able to learn a process. The capabilities ofGSP are vast. The teacher and the bookman both can benefitsignificantly through the use of GSP.I only foresee a little difference between the use ofDynamic Geometry Software in High school and in sum 3school. I think at the high school aim is where teachers

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