Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Elecriccity and Magnatism Essay

A hostile takeover defense wherein the target true makes its burgeon forth less attr pretendive to a potential acquirer is called rent adept answer. a. a standstill agreement. b. greenmail. c. a poison pill. d. crossing the palm with silver. brain 38 tag 1 Compared to managers, shareholders prefer assume one(a) answer. a. riskier strategies with great diversification for the firm. b. riskier strategies with more focused diversification for the firm. c. safer strategies with more focused diversification for the firm. d. afer strategies with greater diversification for the firm. The Enron employee who reported the financial manipulations at the company to her superiors fanny be considered to have engaged in consume one answer. a. an act of courage. b. white-collar crime. c. vindictive disloyalty. d. managerial opportunism. enquiry 40 Marks 1 The longer the focus of managerial incentive compensation, the greater the ____ top-level manager s. Choose one answer. a. earnings potential for b. incentives for c. potential tax burden for d. risks borne by Marks 1The choices that a firm has for entering the international commercialise hold all of the following EXCEPT Choose one answer. a. acquisition. b. leasing. c. exporting. d. licensing. Question 36 Marks 1 There are hardly a(prenominal) true mergers because Choose one answer. a. few firms have complementary resources. b. of managerial resistance. True mergers allow for in significant managerial-level layoffs. c. integration problems are more severe than in outright acquisitions. d. one firm usually dominates in terms of market share, size, or value of assets. Market power is derived primarily from theChoose one answer. a. size of a firm and its resources and capabilities. b. core competencies of the firm. c. depth of a firm scheme. d. quality of a firm top management team. Question 34 Marks 1 The use or application of entrepreneurship within an formal firm is called Choose one answer. a. transformational leadership. b. corporate entrepreneurship. c. corporate emergence. d. exceptional R&D. Four perspectives are integrated to form the balanced identity card framework. The financial perspective focuses on the view of the firm by the Choose one answer. a. employee. b. general society. c. customer. d. shareholder. Question 32 Marks 1 Managers may decide to invest ____ in products that are not associated with the firms current lines of business to increase the firms level of diversification and decrease their employment risk. Choose one answer. a. free cash flows b. unreal profits c. marginal profits d. frozen assets An international diversification strategy is one in which a firm Choose one answer. a. acquires a firm in a foreign country b. expands into a potentially large number of geographic locations and markets c. xpands into one or a few markets d. expands into nearby markets Question 30 Marks 1 Firms needing to change their strategies should Choose one answer. a. emphasize the training and development of internal managerial talent. b. pass transformational leadership. c. focus on their core customer base. d. create more heterogeneous top management teams. The primary responsibility for effective strategic leadership of the organization rests with the Choose one answer. a. top management team. b. stakeholders. c. CEO. d. board of directors. Question 28 Marks 1

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