Friday, February 22, 2019

Negative Effects of Technology on Human Life

prejudicial do of engineering science Improvements in the engine room have antagonistic effects on the human life along with the positive effects. The growth of the technology leads to very severe problems care pollution, unemployment, effects accessible life of the macrocosm etc.. First of in all, the or so serious problem is pollution, which is created by the technological inventions like vehicles, industries, etc.. Now-a-days the vehicles like cars, bikes are increasing which is leading to increase in pollution. The early(a) problem is radiation caused by the increase in the mobile phones.Secondly, in most of the developing countries like India the major problem is unemployment. This problem is mostly caused by the increase in the instruments, which are the results of improvement in the technology. Finally, in todays dry land all the people are acquire addicted to the internet like social sites, games and they also becoming victims of the google. For example, all the persons are getting involved in the facebook and they are not at all bothering about the surrounding world, this may leading them away from the social life and sometimes it also creates problems in the families.The other example, everyone in this world is depending on google for each and everything and they are not at all referring to the books. However, most of the people say that improvements in technology like software solutions creates employment, barely that is not true because the employment created by the software field is little than the employments which is decreased by the instruments in industries. In conclusion, the negative effects of the technology is higher than the advantages from the improvements in technology.

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