Friday, March 22, 2019

Christianity And The Just War Theory Essay -- essays research papers

Does the Just War scheme provide sufficient moral justification for Christians involvement in fight?The Just War hypothesis is a set of criteria that atomic number 18 utilize to judge whether a fight is virtuously justifiable. It was St Augustine in the third degree Celsius that formulated the Just War theory, and was formalised 10 centuries later by Thomas Aquinas. There are seven criteria by which a war can be judged to be just. Among the rules are Just Cause in that respect mustiness be a very good reason for termination to war, such as protecting your country from invasion. There should be a formal declaration of war by the legal government. It has to be the stretch out resort and all other alternatives must be exhausted. There must be a reasonable chance of success and great bursting charge must be taken to avoid injuring civilians.The Just War Theory is still believed today to be the only way that Christians can morally justify war and is often referred to by lead ers of Christian countries when they be cl trains to be fighting a just war. There is widespread ignorance of the detail of Just War but there is also much path for different interpretations of the criteria. I personally feel that it depends on each separate situation as one set of rules are not of all time applicable to all circumstances. In some situations, the causes may seem to be just but not according to the just war theory. A war can only be judged to be just if the criteria are met not if those involved try very hard to meet them.The aim of the just war is to provid...

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