Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Competitor Analysis of Dahlie Essay

Main CompetitorsAlthough Darlie has gained a large market conduct in the toothpaste market in Malaysia, it allay faced the competition from other toothpaste companies in this industry. The two of the main competitors of Darlie in the market are Sensodyne and Colgate. As the world largest producer and manufacturer of toothpaste, Colgate becomes the superlative competitor of Darlie. Colgate has survived in this industry for such a long while and has established its influence among the customers. It has successfully making the customers to have brand committedness toward Colgate. Besides that, Colgate has different types of toothpaste, which can satisfy different needs of the customers. This has finish the needs and wants of the customers and directly competes with Darlie as the product range of Colgate and Darlie are sort of similar. Nowadays, a lot of people are facing different types of dentition problems, such as sensitive teeth, gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, they tend to cloud the toothpaste which can help them to solve their teeth problems. Sensodyne is focusing on settlement sensitive teeth problem and is recommended by dentist to be used. It has regulate the brand image of Sensodyne to become professional and high class toothpaste. Therefore, although Darlie in like manner has their own sensitive teeth toothpaste, people still prefer Sensodyne as the look for the brand image. Therefore, Colgate and Sensodyne become two of the main competitors for Darlie in Malaysia toothpaste market. affinity of Colgate and Its CompetitorsDarlieColgateSensodyneMarket share in MalaysiaIn 2011, Darlies market share is 31%.In 2011, Colgates market share is 60%.In 2011, Sensodynes market share is 5%.Target customerTheir stone pit customers are those urban people who are above 18 long time old, and pay attention to their oral examination health. The target customer is mothers with kids who make toothpaste purchase decisions for the family and people wh o carefor their oral health. The target customer is the adults from 20 to 60 days old who faced sensitive teeth problem. advance exploitation websites, advertisements and TV commercial to advertise. Having promotions in supermarket.Using website, advertisement, and TV commercial to advertise. Having more or less promotions by giving free gifts.Colgate School professional persongram give tabu free samples to kids and teach kids the way to brush teeth properly. effulgent Smile, Bright Future program promote the importance of oral health with education and prevention. Using websites, various advertisements and TV commercial to attract customers. Promotion through dentist and dental clinic.Chill Test in hypermarket. legal injuryThe price range of Colgate is between RM7.95 to RM10.60.The most expensive toothpaste is Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief. The cheapest toothpaste is the Colgate Regular tube.The price range of Sensodyne toothpaste is from RM9.90 to RM12.90.ProductHaving differe nt range and types of toothpaste.For instance, chic breath, whitening, sensitive teeth and enamel protection.Specializing in the preservation and treatment of oral hygiene. Create an array of 40 different patented toothpastes keeping Colgate competitive. Having 13 different classifications and varieties of Colgate toothpaste. Consists of different types of toothpaste, but mainly focuses on the sensitive teeth issue.PlaceAlmost at all supermarket and mini market.Very contrivance to buy it.Almost all super markets and pharmacies carry Colgate Toothpaste. Can sometimes be found in more prominent locations when on trade or launching new products into the market. Distributed indirectly.Available in all hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies, Chinese medical halls and mini markets in Malaysia. Length of time in occupancyDarlie started its business since 1933.It has taken 80 years in the toothpaste industry.Colgate-Palmolive started its business in 1806.It has taken 207 years in the toothpaste industry.GSK produced Sensodyne in 1961.It has taken 52 years in the toothpaste market.(Source from Colgate, 2013 and Sensodyne, 2013)

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