Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Educational Goals and Philosophy :: Education Teaching Teachers Essays

Educational Goals and Philosophy When I in conclusion decided what I wanted to do with my life, the ultimate answer was that I wanted to become a instructor. Of course, after telling my family and friends what I had determined, they tout ensemble wanted to know why. At first, my answer was simple, and the words just because I do were uttered from my lips altogether too frequently as I realized that I had not given any serious thought as to the reason why I had chosen the teaching profession. It has been more or less five years since I first decided that my fate invest in the field of education, and now after thinking long and hard, I have an answer to the question posed so often why? The reason why I want to be a teacher is because I want to help educate others, and also to aid them in discovering their own purposes in life. I want to help students to understand that it is approve to be yourself, to be creative, and to be outspoken . I want to share with my students all of the knowledge that I have gained throughout my life and education, and teach them how to join that knowledge to their own personal experiences. It is my belief that teachers are the miracles workers of the world, and that without them, we would have no doctors, lawyers, or even plumbers. I have strong faith in the belief that teachers are the people who are wholly responsible for spring the doors of realization when students are looking for their own occupational niches. After I have graduated from Concord College, and am able to instruct in my own classroom, I plan to incorporate a number of educational philosophies and teaching methods into that classroom. The educational philosophies that I plan to base my teaching methods on are Progressivism, Existentialism, and Behaviorism. From the philosophy of Progressivism, I will bring the idea of delight in for ones various(prenominal)ity, and make my classroom more receptiv e to the individual wants and interests of my students.

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