Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hedda Gabler Essay -- essays research papers

TITLE People may argue that George, Eilert, and Judge Brack are liable for Heddas death, but in reality it is the fault of Heddas society.Ive chosen this statement for several reasons. Ibsens character, Hedda Gabler, represents the women of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Hedda stands the issues of self-worth and the chapfallen value that each woman places upon her own importance as a result of male dominance.We can see this in the get together, as we contemplate we learn more about the character of Hedda Gabler. She is the daughter of a oecumenic who expected a life if glamour and wealth and rebels against the boredom of a dull, narrow existence by vindictively scheming against everyone around her. Hedda as well as strives to ruin Eilert Lovborg, the intellectual she once rejected as a suitor. She is peeping in Eilerts life for her own amusement and control.She lives in a male dominance society and environment which caged her and made her lose her freedom. Her procl ivity to escape and her yearning for individual and spiritual freedom come to the place as she discovers her fathers pair of pistols. Comparing Hedda with the other women of the play we can see that thea wasnt the woman with the more control. She also had an disquieted marriage because of Eilerts work. Aunt Julia is different she likes to help people, she raised George and took business organization Rina. As far as Berda is concerned, there i...

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