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Hepatitis C Essay -- essays research papers fc

My uncle was not the only person to become infected with the hepatitis C virus, but in fact umpteen people atomic number 18 presently struggling to keep it under control. Today four million Americans argon infected with the hepatitis C virus and there are thirty gramme new cases of this virus found each(prenominal) year (Turkington 9). Hepatitis C takes ten-spot thousand lives each year just in the United States, and without useful treatment the death rate is expected to triple in the bordering fifteen years (Turkington 9). Seventy-five percent of those infected with the virus impart develop chronic hepatitis and half of those people will develop cirrhosis of the liver (Turkington 9). The hepatitis C virus is sometimes referred to as the Hidden pandemic be thrust an estimated four million people are infected with it and symptoms may not show until twenty years later (Grady). It is also the leading cause of liver transplantation in the United States (Bushie). This virus aff ects so many another(prenominal) people and we should all learn and study more about it to pelt along its spread. Hepatitis is a rather new virus to the science world, but it has been approximately for a very long time. Before scientists knew about hepatitis C, they had discovered A and B types, so when they found C they called it non-A non-B (Turkington 5). The virus was discovered in 1987, but not until after 1990 was blood tested for hepatitis, causing many people to receive and contract the virus (Turkington 5). Hepatitis is thought to have originated in the Far East because of the diversity and number of people infected in that location (Turkington 6). Strains of hepatitis are found in Thailand, which has led researchers to believe it mutated in Asia to form all its genotypes (Turkington 6). There are five types of the hepatitis virus and they are A, B, C, D, and E (Hoofnagle). Hepatitis C is caused by a single-stranded virus with a core of ribonucleic acid (Turkington 10). Hepatitis C has so many genotypes that the virus cannot be detected by the immune system (Turkington 11). It has six separate genotypes and each genotype has three to four subtypes (Turkington 11). Every genotype of the virus is circumscribe to different regions of the world (Turkington 11). The most common genotypes of hepatitis C in nitrogen America are the 1a and 1b genotypes (Turkington 11). The genotype 1b is the most severe form of the hepatitis C virus because it is the most ag... ...rld Book Online. 1999. 10 April 2001 <<a href="http//">http//>.Grady, Denise. Hepatitis C How Widespread a Threat? New York generation 15 December 1998 F1. New York Times Ondisk. CD-ROM. UMI-ProQuest. 1998-2001.Hoofnagle, Jay. Hepatitis. World Book Online. 1999. 10 April 2001 <<a href="http//">http//www.worldbook>.Lieber, Charles. Diseases of the Liver. World Book Online. 1998. 10 April 2001 <<a href="http//">http//>.McCarthy, Rose. in the flesh(predicate) Interview. 16 April 2001.McCarthy Susan. Personal Interview. 16 April 2001.Pelis, Neal. Interferon. World Book Online. 2000. 10 April 2001 <<a href="http//">http//>.Turkington, Carol. Hepatitis C The Silent Killer. Chicago Contemporary Books, 1998.

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