Friday, March 15, 2019

How to Escape from American Consumerism and Materialism Essay -- Expos

How to Escape from Ameri put up Consumerism and MaterialismWe all make do we pass in a highly sensibleistic culture in which crying(prenominal) consumption governs much of our lives. We strive to acquire goods which will define us to ourselves and to differents and somehow satisfy our human need to justify existence. At the cease of the day, we also all know that t here(predicate)s a narrow down built into the system the more you extinguish, the more you are pressed to consume more because whatever comfort possession of things brings us is always brief thus driving us further and further down the material path of life seeking nirvana around the next quoin at the mall. Many modern philosophers have pondered this question, often giving shew to scathing critiques of consumerism as shallow the product of a decadent and decaying culture. This is where about people turn away, not because they reject what the philosophers say, but precisely because they know it to be at least partially accurate and this is impermissible. Its unbearable because while we know the meaning of life cant be reduced to a new SUV, we dont know what on earth we would replace consumerism with if we were to abandon it as the bedrock of our daily lives. What would we do with our time? Why would we work overtime? Why would we get up in the morning?I dont propose here to rehash the arguments about why consumerism is evil, but I would like to propose some solutions to the conundrum of modern living how to find satisfaction through consuming differently and thoughtfully.1. Value what you haveThe first step is to locution around your space and start to appreciate the sheer number of labour-hours that are invested in the things that you already own. Imagine having to make them you... ... you to pause at least for a momentConsuming for its own sake is indeed a great temptation, but like all others it can be overcome. This doesnt require a twelve-step program to wean us permanently fro m the habit, afterall its only human. It does require that we acknowledge what makes having things satisfying social relations with other people. If we recognize our links to others through the products they make and we consume, and if we assume the responsibility that comes with that recognition, we can consume less, consume differently and garner much more satisfaction from the act. We need to ignore the spin doctors and their promises of eternal happiness or repurchase and realize that we are the authors of our own happiness and that happiness cannot be branded, incase or sold by the pound. Step down from the gerbil hustle and take a moment to think about it.

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