Saturday, March 16, 2019

John Di Pippo :: English Literature Essays

posterior Di PippoMy name is John Di pippo and Im 18 years old. I weight 153 pounds, and Im ab tabu 6 foot. I have short brown hair, and my eyes are hazel. I see myself as an emotionally strong person. I usually never get worked up about things or overreact in most situations. Im calm and mellow and dont let my worries get to me. One down side of me being standardized this is that it makes me lazy. I have a bad habit in adept letting things go, and doing stuff the last minute or not doing it at all. Another one of my weaknesses is that Im very shy around people I dont really crawl in. Im also quiet around people I dont know which makes me seem opposite of the way my personality really is. My sisters are the except real close family I have. My parents died when I was very young and my uncle was my judicial guardian. I wasnt really close to aunt, uncle and cousins so I never mat comfortable. My sisters and I always felt like it was never our home and in a way it was true becaus e it wasnt. When my sisters both turned 18 we move out and got our own apartment. Most of the time we always got along, and I understand that I had to take of myself more then most kids would have to at my age. I learned to be a lot more liable about many things. I cognised with both of my sisters, Roseann and Stacy, for about 5 years, and indeed stacey got married right after she graduated Iona. She now lives with her husband, Vinny, and has a girl with another one on the way. To this day I pipe down live with my older sister Roseann. I also have some aunts, uncles, and cousins that we still keep in touch with on birthdays and holidays. The naturalises I went to were, Jefferson Elemenatry School, Issac Young philia School, and New Rochelle High School. Its hard to remember much from elementary school but what I do remember is when my parents died they left me back in 2nd grade. Other then that my elementary school days were authorise from what I remember. I had a good amo unt of friends and usually stayed out of trouble. I still hang out with some people who I went to school with back then.

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