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The Rise Of Violent Crime In Canada Essay -- essays research papers f

The burn down of Violent Crime In CanadaViolent abhorrence in Canada is on the rise in Canada as well as the types of cerise law-breakings creation committed against the public. It has been on the rise formany, many years. I believe and fate to prove in the following essay that itis societies responsibility for the rise of violent crime with theirunwillingness and inability to effectively deal with the current cut back in oursociety. In the last few years, a slight gloaming in violent crime has been noted,but we must view this with suspicion as no official statistics be available.As well as this could be an example of society realizing that the CriminalJustice System is not effectively dealing with the trend of violence in Canada.This would be professedly by way of the situation that battalion argon not inform these crimesto the guard. Generally all the statistics that are gathered and used by thepolice are based upon penninged crime and no conjecture on unreported cr ime isincluded in these official statistics.To fully reckon what violent crime is, we must first define whatviolent crime is in actuality. All to often, people in Canadian society reboot togeneral wrongdoing as being a crime. A impartial example of this is when grocerystores all raise their prices for certain food products. mass then refer verycasually to this act as a crime or that these prices are criminal. Individualsin our Society often shake a fear of being victimized by others, such as thegovernment, friends and or strangers. This fear is often equated with crimesince all crimes have a winner and a loser or victim as would be the legal term.This equation often makes involvement in these acts of "crime" a personal thing.Which results in stronger feelings and some generation irrational thinking towards thewhole way come in of crime. Many times people are not reporting these crimesbecause it is their occupation in a society to help uphold the laws of ones society. In actuality, they are reporting the crime for needed compensation whether it befor medical be or lost wages. Another reason some people report crimes isbecause they are doing it as an avenging act to extract a revenge they could nototherwise get for themselves. This is a main reason in the fact that policeofficers need to investigate reported crimes and determine if a crime hadactually been committed o... ...otions andproblems. Social upheavals have occurred in recent times and gender roles havebeen obscured causing more problems with the continuity of society. Values andideas are being taught to new members of a society which are old and out datedmethods. This could be a causing factor into which violence is increasing. Asfrustration increases and a lack of understanding of how to interact amongdifferent people in a society is gone, the problems appear to be mounting and get bigger everyday. The social methods of control are falling behind and booby hatch is coming out as a lead er in our society.BibliographyFleming, Thomas. The smart Crimonolgies in Canada. Toronto Oxford UniversityPress, 1985.Johnson, Holly. Violent Crime. Canadian Social Trends.Larsen,Nick. The Candian Criminal Justice System. Toronto Canadian ScholarsPress Inc., 1995.Macionis, John J.. Sociology. Scarborough, Ontario Prentice-Hall Canada Inc.,1994Roberts, Albert R.. Critical Issues in Crime and Justice. Thousand Oaks, atomic number 20 Sage Publications, 1994.Siverman, Robert A., Teevan, James J.. Crime in Canadian Society. Toronto,Canada Butterworth and Co. Ltd., 1975.

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