Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Western Lawman :: American America History

The Western Lawman The atomic number 74 was filled with various characters ranging from cowboys, bandits, bar owners, and in conclusion the law. The different attitudes towards men of authority during the western era can be seen through the national radio show of Gun smoke. The knowledgeable, caring, and skillful sheriff of device County named Matt Dillon portrays many societal roles as he is faced with gravel situations. Through ternary episodes of Gunskmoke, the reoccurring theme is that Matt Dillon is the law, the judge, and often the jury. The rise of the west needed a figure of authority and Matt Dillon was that symbol. He was the kickoff soulfulness the lawbreakers saw and also the last they wanted to meet. Yeah, weve met Through bulge out the trinity episodes of Gunsmoke it can be seen that Dillon is a very knowledgeable person. When a towns person comes and informs Dillon regarding a certain situation, he normally knows who they are or individual related to him. Not only is he aware of whom they are solely also their tendencies, whether they are humanitarian in nature or just a plain drunk. During the three episodes of Gunsmoke, Dillon was faced with solving cases in which a murder took place. Dillon knew those who were involved as wellspring as the likelihood of that identical person committing the crime at hand. It can be seen through this accompanying that the western lawman is knowledgeable about his surroundings as well as the various possible suspects. Pope was a good man, he wouldnt do this In the first episode of Gunsmoke, Dillon speaks to a frightened resident who fears the invasion of Indians on his property. Dillon advises the man named Pope to acquire a crap-shooter and shoot if they came to close. When the Indians came, Pope shot one dead. However Dillon found out that it wasnt Indians but rather a group of drunken men playing a practical joke. Through this story it is evident that Dillon was very sorrow to Pope by listenin g to his problem and advising him. Dillon was also kind and unhurried to the men who played the wrongful joke. It can be seen through this resultant that the western lawman is caring and understanding. Im still the law in strategy Dillon was also very just when it come to the law. The main theme of these three episodes was the portrayal of Dillon playing the role of investigator, judge, jury and lawman.

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