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Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

cordial Illness and Substance Abuse - Essay ExampleOn ingestion the THC is show to be absorbed into the blood stream from where it is carried to the brain, producing a high feeling. The THC molecules is found to affect a takings of areas of brain, inclusive of the areas of control balance, perception of time, sound, color and as any other(a) drug the Glucose craving. Psychosis on the other hand can be defined as a cluster of symptoms characterized by hallucination and impair reality. Psychosis is often symptom associated with Schizophrenia. marihuana used have shown to produce symptoms similar to psychotic disorder as Schizophrenia, when ingested at large amount. Mounting researchers have indicated that Cannabis found to trigger the onset of Schizophrenia or its relapse and also aggravates the symptoms. (Hambrecht, M. and Hafner,1996).The users of Cannabis experienced unpleasant effects on usage as disturbance and pain, while some may experience hallucinations. The unpleasant e ffects are found to disappear as hemp wears off. But some people may have frightening experience as it withdraws. It is found that of 1 in 10 people who use cannabis are found to be given over to it. It is worrying fact that usually it is the young people who get hooked to it and they smoke cannabis on daily basis. The primeval the age they are exposed, early is the onset of Psychotic symptoms. It is found to be yet to a greater extent severe in people with existing kind disorders as Schizophrenia or bipolar, where they permit negative psychological effect on cannabis use. Researchers pouring in point to the direction that cannabis may be the gateway for many other drugs to enter in. Thus one point is set up as, in persons having mental illness are for persons with known family history of mental illness, cannabis triggers adheres psychotic symptoms. (Imade and Ebie ,1991)though the usage of cannabis is known from 1970s now it has set out an issue of concern as more young peo ple are found to be the smokers of cannabis. Most cannabis users egressed in very early teens, thus causing a psychological transition and misadventures on a young persons life. This issue of invariable Cannabis use is found to be a menace in developed countries. This has really become a national crisis mainly for countries as Australia and New Zealand. The Government has taken wide range of move from forming a forum, organizing discussion, releasing pamphlets, documentation research to create an awareness about cannabis and its link to mental illness.( Jerrell and Ridgely,1995)So this essay tries to unravel the above facts by discussing and reviewing the articles published with this concern. The List of articles selected and the reason for the selection 1. Cannabis use and mental health - facts - is an involve based on Australian community with case study done among 2 age groups as adolescent and adults, aiming to pinpoint the majority groups age by which they start this habit . 2. Cannabis and psychosis - Information for health care workers - An research report done under the instruction and funding of Victorian government health information, by the state government of Victoria, Australia, tends to explore the relationship between the

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