Monday, April 22, 2019

Peer Victimization in Schools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Peer Victimization in Schools - Essay Example fit to a well-researched study done by Professor William Ross for the National Forum of Teacher Education Journal, in that respect are two levels of consequences for the victims. One is the immediate trauma and hurt experienced by the victim. More seriously, victims asshole experience long-term problems like insecurity and loss of self-confidence. Ross adds that even the perpetrator give the bounce be negatively affected. The power and sadistic emotions they feel could result in evil black marketencies and behavior as adults. Victimization can happen through physical abuse and verbal or psychological means. Professor Ross states that boys tend to to a greater extent physical in their abuse and can include acts like pushing and beating the victim. Girl bullies tend to use more subtle methods and can include acts like spreading rumors and isolating the victim from creation a part of peer groups. So both the victims and perpetrators of peer victimization are at guess in different ways. The Bahamas society would eventually experience one set of adults who do not rescue self-confidence and are insecure if the situation gets out of hand. On the other extreme, another set of adults with criminal and anti-social tendencies would be present in the society. Due to the seriousness of the problem, educational institutions, governments, and other organizations have developed some accepted means of preventing or reducing victimization in schools. An article by the National crook Reference Service in the United States speaks highly of a program titled Olweus Bullying stripe Program developed in Norway.

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