Thursday, April 25, 2019

System analysis and design (model your life) Article

System epitome and design (model your life) - Article ExampleAnother aspect of human life is the social editorial. Every backup human being is part of hostelry and in so need to participate in the hold upon ways of interaction within the niche that they live within. One should have a valuable net of friends, family, and acquaintances from a wide range of life system. Being social is a very square column in a well-designed life model.The third aspect of life and another important need of a well-modeled life is a ethnic pillar. Culture is the way a group or a society perceive or view certain things (International Society for Quality of Life Studies, 2006). One need to be part of a cultural group as it helps shape their lives and provide guidelines to a wholesome life. The cultural pillar includes and not limited to such examples as spiritual, law, governance and other systems that give people adjudicate and help develop principles.The fourth pillar and the last one in this pa per is the knowledge pillar. In order for people to live wholesome life individuals, need to be informed on a wide span of the system they live in. Having information creates knowledge and processed knowledge leads to wisdom, which is very significant (International Society for Quality of Life Studies, 2006). People should not have too much of one pillar and very little of the others. Being very social with very little knowledge is not a very good model of

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