Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Meaning of Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Meaning of Life - Essay ExampleI attend this as the most convincing as regarding the question to the real meaning of behavior. This is surely the greatest representation to perceive life- hotshots own life, the life of a nation, a species, the world, and only living things. The meaning of life comes to us when we do things that our heart and mind desires, things that seem of importance to us. Otherwise, doing things that draw boredom since they seem not of much inte stick ton us does not bring the meaning of living into us. We can assoil the thought process of meaningless existence and the meaningless of life if we keep on doing things that bear no fruits to us and brings nothing (Taylor 433). It surely has no meaning to exercise an activity that has been drawn repeatedly but, pee-pee no direction and purpose of it. With this, the objective of existence is meaningless. Richard Taylor draws this idea from our lives, and that of the animals, the endless activities that get nowhere. However, he also says that if this is what one is willing to per sue then the idea of meaning of life comes in. At one point, we ask ourselves why we do things repeatedly without getting anything out of it, a perfect image of meaningless existence. ... He also points out something important that we realize in our day to day life, we go through life doing things that which stupefy to fade into time as the next time is instigated yet it would be no redemption to rest from all this (Taylor 437). It would be a denunciation that would not be redeemed if we gaze at things we suck done no matter how beautiful and permanent they are. The meaning of life requires us to create refreshing ideas and perform new tasks each and every new day. All these should be encouraged by our willingness to perform this tasks for living, and it carries on to our children and the generation to come. Epicurus has also created a clear meaning of life as life is set by the choices, actions, and for us to make correct choices we have to be wise in our decisions. He says that we have to be wise, so as to live pleasantly. It is from this that we gain honor and just. He says that some things happen because of extremity some happen by chance, others by agency. We should be wise and take good actions because we are answerable for our own actions. It is from them that we take praise or blames. Epicurus calls for us to reckon in God, and affirm to his blessings. He creates the idea that there are gods, but the respect given unto them does not prevail. Living also requires us to believe that death is nothing to us, for both evil and good imply the capacity for sensation, and that death is the privation of all sentience. The meaning of life requires believing that death is a part of life and that it adds the yearning of immortality. We are conscious to believe that life does not end after death for not the living or the executed exists no longer. The meaning of life

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