Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Automated accounting presentation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Automated accounting presentation - Term Paper interpreterThe advantages and benefits of automation are briefly covered herein. Automation, however, cannot accomplish everything. Some procedures that form part of the general ashes would have to remain manually done.If the option to automate organisations would be taken, the exact design of the whole system and its features would have to be studied to decide whether or not existing commercially available systems offered by companies like Peachtree can simply be purchased and established for the association to use. Otherwise, a system would have to be especially built from scratch for the use of the association.The subject homeowners association requires well-organized systems for billing its members, collecting payments, paying its bills including taxes, and formulating quarterly financial statements. While manual systems may have worked in the past when the association had only its master key 150 homeowners, this may not be true with the upcoming scenario that will bring in additive 500 homeowners from four other homeowners associations. With the merger currently in process, the establishment of new systems would have to be among the major issues to be settled and finalized.The billing department can function with increased efficiency and the true by means of automated systems that will put the data in the respective bills of members and then soft touch them systematically. On the other hand, the collection department would benefit from automated systems for printing out official gain and summarizing the collections of each day. System-generated reports would, in fact, be of help in reviewing the daily receipts and comparing them with the amounts deposited in the jargon account of the association.Automation should not stop there. Other areas, such as payments and reporting, would be handled more expeditiously and with much lesser overlooked errors if automated systems are in place to book payments, to monitor entrust account

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