Sunday, May 12, 2019

Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Case Study - Assignment ExampleHe uses sight rather than his authority, a factor that portrays him as a being more of a leader than a manager. A leader motivates people to work together as a team and motivates them to work towards a common aim. This is evident from the case as Terrill tells the employees that he will try keep of their back so that they can be free to work. This is in contrast to a manager who would want to be regard in the activities of the workers and closely supervise their work.Another reason that makes Terrill a leader is his use of communication and leaders skills to influence behavior of the employees and direct them. He holds actively engages the workers in discussions, find outs to their problems, and uses his leadership skills to guide them on the vogue forward. This is in contrast to a manager who uses his formal authority to get things d maven.Just like a leader, Terrill is always keen to ensure that the decisions made by him are well communicated to t he employees and that they are in agreement. A leader will make and support decisions from top down and from down up. In most cases, a manager will only implement decisions from the top management. The workers are allowed to air out their views and opinions before either final decision is made.The willingness to communicate honestly The first step that Terrill takes is to have an honest conversation with the employees. This enables him to listen to their grievances and ensures that they feel free to air them out. This enables him to identify problems before they manifest themselves in the department.Willingness to take risks At one time, John Terrill calls for a meeting with the employees and after he hears their grievances, he tells them to drop the reports to his office, which was against the companys policy. finished this, he shows his willingness to take the risk to prove a point to the top management.A leader should be strategically focused A good leader needs to focus on

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