Monday, May 13, 2019

High end wedding Business Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

High send away marriage ceremony Business Plan - Assignment ExampleThe proposed headache is unique in terms of see the inescapably of its clients. The proposed business firmly ensures to provide unwavering attention to its clients. The proposed business further focuses on the needs and expectations of the clients and work according to the requirements of the clients so that highest level of customer satisfaction is provided. The services of the proposed business include wedlocks, honeymoons, receptions, anniversary, wedding hair makeup, special event make up, musicians, entertainers and budget planning. The proposed business aims at providing the best service to severally time to the clients of Houston, Texas. The objective of the proposed business is to provide top class services to clients whether it is wedding, anniversary or each other special events in order to make the experience of the clients pleasur able and memorable. Thus, the proposed business is committed towards offer services that be specially tailored according to the needs of respective couples and their families. In order to deliver the goods the broad objectives of the proposed business, special attention will be focused upon the quality and timeliness of the services offered to the clients. The proposed business will thus, ensure that services are promptly and efficiently offered in accordance with the needs and expectations of the clients. ... The wedding industry in the United States can be recognized as an important industry that has a major impact on almost 100 other industries. The portion of contribution made by the wedding industry to the national economy is constantly increasing. Over the last few decades, the industry has witnessed portentous growth in the country. However, the recent economic crisis situation in the US has dramatically influenced the growth locate of the industry. It is expected that the wedding industry in the coming years will again be able to touch ne w heights with rising revenue. Nonetheless, it is firmly advocated that the proposed business is required to formulate and implement fit strategies in order to efficiently meet the rising demands of the customers. It has been observed that despite the recessionary situation, there has been lissome append in the number of couples getting married. It has been projected that this increasing pattern will continue in the coming years thereby providing significant opportunity for the wedding industry to earn and expand the proposed business. At the same time, it has been observed that the guest attending the wedding has also affected by the recession which has caused a slight reduction in their numbers. However, it is estimated that in the future years the figure shall improve. The spending of couples is also estimated to increase in the coming years. During the year 2011, it had been reported that there was slight positive shift of 1% in the total spending made by the customers in th e wedding industry of the USA. At the same time, it has been ascertained that the couples in the recent times are inclined towards planed weddings as well as more couples are observed to prefer outdoor ceremonies rather than indoor

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