Friday, May 10, 2019

Modern Fashion in China Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

upst artwork Fashion in China - Research Paper ExampleThe paper Modern Fashion in China discovers the fashion in China. The many facets of colour and design that emerged during a dynastys reign were marvellous and made e genuinely aspect of Chinese culture, including their wearing apparel, - highly acclaimed works of art (Lu). Colors traditionally selected for Chinese clothing were vibrant. Chinese people give character to their dresses by reservation wonderful combinations of match and contrast. Traditionally, the dress is provided with the base of a dark color while lighter colourize are workd for the accessories to make them look more prominent in the dark background. The contemporary Chinese clothing redefines the old trends and traditions to a large extent. The fashion designers of Chinese origin make frequent use of the classic Chinese symbols together with the latest trends in the design of clothes, symbolism being a very important feature of the Chinese culture. Classic C hinese symbols are use in the clothes of children and adults alike. Symbols used in the design of Chinese clothes include but are not limited to levelheaded luck, opera characters, dragons, pictures of deities and masks. Bronze was readily used in the making of ancient Chinese clothes and the fresh fashion designers in China have attempted to revive this concept. The contemporary Chinese clothing is enthral with the combination of modern fabrics and classical patterns of embroidery and weaving. The image of clouds and classic dragon are some of the nigh readily used designs in the Chinese clothes.

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