Saturday, May 11, 2019

Technical Term Paper (Part B) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

Technical Term Paper (Part B) - assignment ExampleWide-IP intends to develop a number of router configuration changes that would enable data center routers to be slowly guidered ,one at a time and dismantling the old lines after the installed youthful data center be proven. This is essential in providing an uninterrupted user support during the transfer and reducing the ongoing operational risk.fable Corporation, a retail arrange needs to move a new headquarter several miles away. Considering the distance and the chain operations, the main challenge is moving all the personell to the new headquarters and ensuring that the data center supports all the retail sales and store operations. Whereas the warehouse functions from Monday to Saturday,allowing one day to transfer an AS/400 and develop new SNA links,most of the stores will be open for 24 hours, which will be significant in ensuring non interruption transfer of the cyberspace system.Basing on the viewpoint of data processi ng,the migration of network system will include as AS/400,a large UPS, NT PC and Novell servers, and multiple RS/6000 AIX application servers.The network will be made up of about 75 stores that are connected through frame relay that has ISDN backup to three routers placed in data center.The three routers will run a common LAN that will be shared by the headquesrter staff,the warehouse and the data center.An important point to consider is there will be a possibility of everything being shut down on the Friday evening during the week of data network system transfer.During this time,fiction corporation will run backups on every server,dismantle all headquarter employee systems and data center, and reconfiguration of immovable warehouse systems.The major business goals are to reduce operational inefficiency, minimize operational cost, and improve employees productivity. Minimizing operation cost, which is heedful in terms of cost per computer per year, will be achieved by

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