Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The English Legal System assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The English Legal System assignment - Essay ExampleThe construction run is, then, a cohesive process that begins with the survey of the area and the determination of the effective terrestrial features thus influencing the education of home that sustains the investment for exclusively the parties involved. The land surveyor may panorama legal responsibility for negligence on their jobs in the survey and design of the house depending on the complaints and conflicts that arise thereafter. Such complaints may arise from each the property owner or the eventual client who either buys or rents the property. The complaints may include either boundary feuds that arise thereafter or the reputation of the structure that arises from the design. Surveyors inform the architect on the nature of the land and its ability to support particular designs and populations. A surveyor should determine if a land is swampy and therefore advise the architect on the design of the structure and the po ssible reclamation methods capable of making the land usable for the purposes of constructing a residential property. Legal cases would arise in case a building sinks subsequently since such portrays evident lack of effective land survey. In a bid to ascertain the security system of the citizen, the government of Britain asserts more importance on the practice and, consequently, evaluates every surveyor. The government certifies the survey schools and the courses taught in such facilities. Additionally, it certifies every surveyor thus permitting their practice. This way, it becomes possible to track any fraudulent surveyors who cause the loss of either property or lives. The property owner always contracts a surveyor who may be a real soil agent. The agent then...England, unlike most of the European countries, has a unique governing body the countrys constitution arises from several acts of parliament, legal documents, and judicial decisions. In determining the negligence as d iscussed above, the court uses such acts of parliament, torts, and aside precedence . The courts employ relative yet effective applications of the statutes. In doing this, the courts must ensure that they protect the interests of all the parties involved by instituting fairness to all. The courts consider precedents as set by the courts in past mistakable cases. By doing this, the courts avoid instances of unfairness as either party in such cases may contrast past cases to their current case and identify inconsistencies. In the case of unique cases, the courts analyse the statutes and state laws thus maintaining fairness in the determination and in the setting precedents for future cases. In retrospect, land surveyors may face negligence cases depending on the manner in which they offer their services to the public. The English legal system provides an polish process of falsifying a contractor and determining negligence in their cases. The courts thus use the exist legislations to ensure effective compensation for the losses incurred by the parties concerned.

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