Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Alternatives to animal testingImagine you are walking down the cosmetics isle at your grocery store. While picking up some deodorant or toothpaste, have you ever stopped to think if your favorite product has been tested on animals? You probably havent, but the chances are very high that it has been. Two of the main reasons why companies continue to use animals to test their products are to determine possible dangers to human health and to avoid product liability suits, but now there are many reliable tests that can be conducted to determine the sentry go of products without the use of animals. To better understand this important issue I will discuss how animal testing began, what companies do and do not test products on animals, some alternatives to animal testing, and the awareness and prevention that demands our help.Experimentation on live animals began as early as the 17th Century. Philosopher Jeremy Bentham rejected Philosopher Rene Descartes theory that animals are not able to reason and therefore do not feel pain. Benthams philosophy on animals was The question is not can they reason? Nor, can they chew up? but, can they suffer? . The practice of testing cosmetics on...

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