Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Diversity Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Diversity Paper - Essay ExampleThe supportive spirit is more introverted and team-oriented. They be supportive and face-saving and thrive in interpersonal relationships. The cautious personality is also reserved and seeks consistency, value and is task-oriented. Their primary focus is on being accurate and correct in their assessments (Rohm, 2004). In addition to these underlying personality traits, many other factors play a role in determining a persons personality and expression such as gender, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation.Studies have shown, not surprisingly, that boys are quicker to openly display their temper than are girls. This is because girls are taught from a young age that angry displays are inappropriate and proper control of their emotions is a societal expectation for which they are rewarded. Socially acceptable behavior for girls includes being soft of voice at all times while vocal, outward displays of anger are intolerable. They are taught not to cause hurt feelings or be the cause of anothers anger. Gender stereotypes which are taught from a very early age reinforce to girls the importance of avoiding conflicts and to always act pleasantly, specially in a social setting. Females are expected to be attractive. The less physically attractive she is, the more the girl must take on a subservient role. Girls are also taught to manipulate a situation for their own benefit, but not to control it by being overbearing. There are those examples of girls who actively discard this stereotype by rebelling against it often by means of intimidating those girls who fall under the normal stereotype of which they are rebelling against. The abuse of sex, alcohol and drugs are common aspects of this rebellion.Males who adhere to societys typical stereotype for suitable behavior and appearance believe they are masters of their own universe. If males are athletic and good-looking, they assume and society confirms that they are

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