Monday, June 17, 2019

Records Management System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Records Management System - Essay ExampleThis study outlines that the best source of information about the benefits and pitfalls of database management and the musical mode in which it can be successfully implemented is through the wisdom gleaned from the efforts of former(a) corporations in this area. Moreover, another aspect that arise sin connection with the times and maintenance of records of data is the ethical aspects, since records helps to keep track of the activities of individuals in the firm and helps to introduce higher levels of accountability and good politics within a firm. dying of such data that traces a persons activity could give rise to issues of ethics, since fraudulent activity may be masked by close of documents. Therefore it is vital that data be preserved. However with the constraints of space, it is also necessary to seek those kinds of measures and methods that will help in the maximum efficiency in use of goods and services of space for storage while also ensuring that data is protected and remains accessible. Significant findings presented in this report are the link between corporate governance and data/records management. Furthermore, there is a need to streamline and reduce the generation of paper documents and to seek alternative methods of offline storage such as microfiche or other devices where large volumes of data can be compressed and stored in small spaces. Another important aspect that is highlighted in this report is the need or accuracy in data generation, since wrong data could prove harmful to an organization and also result in colossal wastes of effort, time and money.

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