Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tipping point Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tipping point - Essay ExampleConnectors are perceived to be the trendsetters because of their rich entanglement of acquaintances and friends. They know many people and keep in touch with them. Simply put, connectors strive to bring the world together not for their benefit, but for the benefit of humanity. On the other hand, Mavens are people who take delight in finding new information and share that information with connectors. Unlike connectors who simply wish to save a vast network of friends around them, mavens strive to have hottest esoteric scoops on specials and gadgets, and share that information with consumers. Hence, they fundamentally connect consumers to the marketplace due to their skill and capability to be informed on functionality of products, prices, and market trends. While the Mavens provide the message and connectors spread it, salesmen are skilled in persuading people to believe in what they hear. Their ability to easily build a rapport makes them good in arti culateing feelings and emotions, and often use their charisma to manipulate others. A striking difference in the midst of salesmen and connectors is the sheer fact that connectors think not as individuals, but in nodes and are more obliged to first help you then money by and by however, salesmen are apparently money-oriented as they hugely motivated by money when packaging and pricing innovations (Gladwell, 82). Similarly, while connectors seem to rely on more superior general information to connect the world, Mavens dig deep into ideas and innovations and give detailed and unambiguous information regarding it.Apparently, I am more similar to the Connector personality type. everywhere the past few decades, with the dawn of technology I have been finding myself more engaged with the social media including Facebook and Twitter. I start each day on Facebook and Twitter by posting and twitting unpretentious questions such as How can I help you?, Is anything the matter? Through these platforms, people have been able to express

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