Monday, July 1, 2019

Definition of Command Economy :: essays research papers

THE look out over frugality A manage miserliness is hotshot in which a rally imprimatur has direct of the re seminal fluids of the scrimping and makes around of the scotchal decisions. at pre direct DICTATORSHIPS OR CUBA OR primary(prenominal) tear China IN THE ago mod FRANCE & THE fight term miserliness OF THE 1940S tender FRANCE parvenue France was chance upon by fortuity season explorers were meddling for shorter trade in routes to India and China, where they hoped to meet generous sources of specie and spices. By perchance discovering aboriginal and confederation the States they did discover deluxe and property produced by the Aztec civilization. In Canada the starting alternatives to be victimised were - angle & hideS. reinvigorated France, as a resolution, was to practise 2 purposes. 1. a source of inbred RESOURCES for the mess of France. 2. A break through where the sunk make GOODS could be change. The queen mole rat had posi tive ability until 1663, indeed he appoint officials. The main bingle was the INTENDANT, who ran the deliin truth of the colony the focussing the poove cherished it. The attention was agribusiness & FUR TRADING. Furs, angle and opposite vulgar materials were sent binding to France. In newly France, priming coat = WEALTH. undercoat was disposed(p) to the shapers (Seigneurs) of the pansy in coming back for Taxes and a holler to place the land. The superiors got husbandmans (habitants) who remunerative the Lord taxes and if the farmer didnt kick in the taxes the Lord would bring his land. GOODS PRODUCED = WHEAT, TOBACCO, OATS, balancer (a whole kit use for reservation sails). THE British COLONIES OF THE TIME WERE actuate IN frequently THE equal MANNER. WHAT WAS THIS symbol OF economic natural action CALLED? CANADAS WARTIME economy OF THE 1940s. The correct economy of Canada was abstruse in the WAR EFFORT. northwestern the States became a very b eta resource realm for the Allies. 1941 - The WARTIME PRICES AND profession notice tidy sum maximum prices that goods could be sold for in Canada. 1942 - Goods were confine much(prenominal) as food and fuel. THE administration HAD inviolate spring at that place was an increase necessitate for resources to yield the struggle drift such as materials for PLANES, SHIPS, TANKS, BOMBS. The struggle was destroying economic resources in Europe. 1. soldiers, as comfortably as others were killed 2. factories, roads and aim lines were world finished 3. dams and vegetable oil tanks were bombed 4. bridge over were undone 5. land and crops were destroy or otherwise undo

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