Friday, August 9, 2019

Cancer Nanotechnology Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cancer Nanotechnology - Research Proposal Example The several available methods for treatment of cancer and all prove to have severe effects to the victims. A proper method of treatment put in place of these other forms of treatment; can be of a relief to the patients. Some cancer patients even believe that cancer treatment is worse than the cancer itself because of the side effects they have to go through. Cancer nanotechnology may have an answer to this big problem. First, it is cheaper, has faster detection methods, and has fewer side effects in comparison to the other forms of treatments. In nanotechnology if the cancer detection nanoparticles are loaded with anti cancer drugs then scientists can be able to attack cancer cells exactly where they are. A potent dose of the anticancer drugs is in delivery in form of time-release treatment. Thus, the delivery of the drugs is to a specific area but released over a period ensuring works effectively and at the same time keeps the patient safe. Once the drug is in the designated area wi th cancerous cells, the gold nanoparticles take the dye to the cancer cells. White blood cells reject this dye and once the dye is inside the cancer cells, they are activated by light to destroy these cells. This treatment in comparison to the others does not subject other parts of the body to chemicals that may affect certain areas such as the tissues. The chemicals are only concentrated to targeted areas with cancerous cells in the body. This way the problem of severe side effects can no longer be a major problem in cancer treatments with this effective and efficient form of treatment for cancer. In addition, nanotechnology is much cheaper if compared to these other forms of treatment. Nanotechnology proves to be an answer to those patients seeking cheaper treatment for cancer.

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