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Computers and technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Computers and technology - Essay Example Through technology, ill-intended people have been able to steal the identity of others and orchestrate terror attacks amongst other crimes. For example, someone can misuse the internet, impersonate a public personality, and tarnish their reputation in the process (Anderson & Goodman, 2002). On the other hand, computers and technology have helped in globalization of trade and other important economic activities. Similarly, information technology has been assimilated in business activities through systems such as supply chain management systems, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management systems (Atkinson & McKay, 2007). According to Egbu and Botterill (2002), information technology can be defined as the software, hardware and management database amongst other technologies used to process, distribute and store information. This technology is responsible for electronic business operations, management of business models and improved efficiency in commercial as wel l as personal operations. Information technology is enabling many establishments innovate ways of increasing their competitiveness and profitability as well as managing their business processes (Atkinson & Mckay, 2007). Many activities in most companies are now conducted electronically with the use of information technology. This requires less effort and the technology can be used to link similar institutions located in different areas. Therefore, different bureaus and offices around the world can be linked with software technology and improve efficiency in their operations (Anderson & Goodman, 2002). Literature Review The use of technology has been integrated into many aspects of business such as sales and advertising. Technology has become an instrument of value for the maintenance and development of prolific business-customer relationships. However, the issue of ethics in the utilization of technology has been overlooked for a long time now (Anderson & Goodman, 2002). According B ush, Bush, and Orr (2010), many users find no need to conduct ethical procedures on the use of technological products; as a result, it causes ethical loopholes and weaknesses in technological platforms. Technology is perceived as an instrument for changing business operations, whereby there is a substantial integration of various business activities with technology (Egbu & Botterill, 2002). For instance, inventory in a company is no longer managed using books and files, instead, managers are able to track inventory by use of technological devices such as barcodes scanners, thereby managing inventory effectively. Therefore, it is through some of these changes that technology has been able to dominate activities in industry and trade amongst other significant sectors of the economy. Galimberti (2009), states that technology has not only taken over the economical domain of many countries and organizations but also dominated the political arena. A good example is the political revolutio ns that occurred in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt, whereby some citizens mobilized others using social media (Safranek, 2012). Therefore, through technology, different solutions are formulated to solve problems and innovate new ways of doing things such as detecting fraudulent activities in bank systems or monitoring sales trends for a given product to avoid excess production,

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