Monday, August 26, 2019

Cover letter Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Cover letter - Article Example The best paper I wrote for this course, in my opinion, is the one about smartphones. This is a topic that will continue to build interest, as more and more apps become available and people spend more and more time with their heads bent over these small devices. When I wrote my earliest draft of this piece, I did not include enough in the area of detail to make my own points vibrant enough for the reader. As a result, the ideas that made a lot of sense to me did not come through adequately for my peers who reviewed the paper for me. So when I revised the paper, I needed to go back in and help the reader view the topic from the perspective from which I was viewing it. This did not mean that the reader had to agree with my opinion, necessarily; rather, it meant that I needed to be able to make my perspective understandable. If I continued to have more time on that paper, I would have done some more research about smartphone usage statistics. I have been floored by the number of people I see using these devices in ways that just make no sense to me. I don’t know why people would sit and text while they are driving, and I certainly don’t know why someone would sit and Facebook their way through what is supposed to be a romantic evening out, or even through a family meal. My ongoing weakness is an assumption that the reader can see things the way I see them, or that I don’t have to communicate my own viewpoint thoroughly enough for the reader to be able to understand it. This means that I leave out details that seem obvious to me, for the simple reason that I think the reader should be able to â€Å"see† a point that is clear to me. This means that my points end up being confusing, at times, to the reader. To help with the editing of my smartphone paper, I had several of my peers read through the rough draft. Their purpose was not so much to point out

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