Sunday, August 11, 2019

Leadership Self Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership Self Assessment - Essay Example However, when I adopted the autocratic style of leadership, I noticed that it had made me build a shell around myself and had blocked people’s access to me in many ways. My sternness had provided people with reasons to think negatively about me. Since those were my initial days in the organization, I needed to thoroughly examine the organization to understand its culture, processes and systems and the autocratic style of leadership was serving as a hindrance in me achieving these. This also deterred me from making informed decisions since I did not have much awareness of the organizational systems and as an autocratic leader, it was not suitable to seek advice of my juniors. So I decided to change my approach. I slowly transformed my autocratic style of leadership into a democratic style. It was certainly not easy. More than a change in the style of leadership, it required me to bring a revolutionary change in my personality and image that I projected before my subordinates and followers. Although it did take me some time to bring this 180 degree change in my personality and image, yet it was not impossible to achieve. I used certain strategies and key principles to improve my level of communication and enrich my interaction with my subordinates and followers. The first step I took was opening communication channels with my subordinates and followers. I regularly arranged meetings in which I communicated them my views and opinions, and heard theirs also. I also added many of my subordinates and followers to my profile on Facebook and Twitter to foster greater understanding both ways. Adding them as friends not only helped me have a greater insight into their daily activities, interests, h obbies, and social life both within and beyond the workplace, it also helped them clarify their doubts about me and understand my personality better. Slowly, I noticed a change in their attitude toward me, and for the most part, the change was

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