Thursday, August 29, 2019

Native American Women Of Hollywood Movies Essay

Native American Women Of Hollywood Movies - Essay Example They were portrayed as scantily clad uncivilized women unable to adjust to the world of the white. This concept totally disregards the true culture of the Native American women. It is likely that the women were portrayed in this manner to make the film interesting and commercially successful. People who are not aware of the true culture may be influenced by these portrayals and this misrepresentation of the nature of the Native women may remain in the consciousness of the viewer. The Native American Women have always been portrayed as primitives or have been romanticized or some myth is woven around them. Either they are cast in the stereotyped image of a subservient, meek, wild and lustful squaw or that of a Princess who is a protector, guide, rescuer and lover of the white man. She is ready to change her religion, defy her people and if need be even die for the white man who she loves. But is there any truth in these assumptions? If you read the autobiography of some Native American women you will know that is far from the truth. Lucille Winnie in her autobiography (Sah-Gan-De-Oh: The Chief's Daughter) says, "It is my hope that those of you who read this will better understand us. We are not refugees from another world, feathered and warlike as the TV and movies depict us, but a proud race who love our heritage and are striving to keep alive our own culture" (quoted in Bataille and Sands, 1984: 23). Autobiographies like this prove that Native American women are not like how they are presented in movies.

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