Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Regulatory, Legal, Ethical, and Accreditation Issues in Research Assignment

Regulatory, Legal, Ethical, and Accreditation Issues in Research - Assignment Example not tell what/when/why and how the situation been study came about .It is mainly used in calculating frequencies, mean and other statistical derivations. For the case of homeless people, the point-in-time count falls under this research method, as it will only give the number of homeless people in the streets and not how or why they are there. Analytical statistics on the other hand answers the questions why/how/when a characteristic happened. It shows co-relation between two events whose occurrence affects the other. It entails taking calculated action on the agent affecting the subject been studied. It focuses on coming up with ways to improve the future state of the subject matter (Clark, 2007). For instance in the case of the homeless, analytical research will come how they end up in the streets in the first place. It will also bring about an inter-relationship for instance why some people from certain background are more likely to end in the streets than the rest. Evaluative research on the other hand seeks to study whether measures or programs put in place are efficient in curbing the agent affecting the subject matter. It uncovers the effects of a process or agent on a population. Concerning the homeless, this research method will cover on the necessary programs put in place to ensure the homeless either are completely off the streets or are able to receive necessary

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