Thursday, August 8, 2019

Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction Research Paper

Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction - Research Paper Example The answers stipulated in the results will help the business community determine if the concepts are single constructs in nature, or different separable constructs. List three references from literature review. Comment on what type of style (APA or other) have used in referencing. Some of the sources of information used in the literature review are; Bearden and Teel (1983), Churchill and Surprenant, (1982), and Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry, L. (1994) (Iacobucci and Ostrom 278). These sources are applied in relating the opinion of the customers related to documented information. The referencing used in the paper is in APA formatting. List at least one theory that is used in the study. The study is an analysis of marketing theory which researches the relationships between the two main aspects business environment; Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction. Write a brief description of the methodology used in the study. The article presents two studies with divergent methodologies m eant to explain the relationship between the two concepts. It focuses on the consumer understanding of quality and satisfaction. The respondents on both studies report whether they think the two concepts differ and in what perspectives and dimension in case of a difference. The first study uses qualitative critical incident technique to accrue the service attributes considered by the respondents who postulates that the concepts are different. The responses are then coded to the open ended survey questions which are compared and analyzed to determine whether the two concepts can be alienated from each other in reference to respondents’ perspective. The second study involved the use of manipulated service attributes in relation to the first study and literature reviews. This was meant to identify the results of the first study and the literally information have differential impacts on the judgment of quality satisfaction. The respondents were encouraged to their independent vie ws. However, the researchers did not presuppose the difference to the respondents in the second study; they were required to give their personal judgment on the two concepts as well as making independent definitions (Iacobucci and Ostrom 277). Their judgments guided the study conclusion on whether the terms were used interchangeably or variably. The whole research relies on divergent methodologies that involve content analysis of experimentation and qualitative data. This enhanced the validity of the results. List the sources of data and classify the variables as continuous, categorical, dependent, and independent variables. Evaluate four characteristics that describe the data is applicable for the date used in the study. The secondary sources of data are books and journals. This is continuous as it can be used overtime. Antecedents forms the independent variables while focal constructs (quality and satisfaction) form the dependent variables. The participants form the categorical va riable as they grouped into gender nature. The primary sources of data include experimentation and open discussions. The two studies were transitional. The respondents had a gender balance characteristic thus the responses were not gender biased. The participants were outsourced from business administration department thus

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