Friday, August 23, 2019

What are the products made from benzene Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What are the products made from benzene - Essay Example The utilization of this product is not linked with human being directly; this chemical is used in preparation of different human related products as indirect link with human beings (Wilcox and Greenbaum, 1965). So, people should be careful about the usage of those products which are prepared with participation of benzene chemical. This concentration is supportive for the health protection of people in the social and commercial way of life. Benzene is commonly used in different industrial programs which are linked with all people without any doubt. For example, this chemical is used in preparation of drugs, lubricants, detergents, nylon, wheels and various other significant products which are linked with human life (National Research Council & United States, 1984). It is mostly used in United Stated and this is also confirmed that latest researches are also performed about advantages and disadvantages of benzene are also related with western countries (Cavani, 2009). According to the professional persons, benzene is a colorless chemical which is used in product due to attractive smell of this element. Accordingly, the harms of this chemical are stated as the link of benzene with petroleum is certain without any reservation. Some products which are prepared with benzene chemical are enlisted as under; So, it can be stated that benzene is an important chemical element for the success of various industries. So, proper care is needed for making protection of human health certain and obvious in the communal and commercial way of life. Benzene is an important element to make painting products elegant and gorgeous in the community. This chemical is used in various departments and this utilization is helpful to gain success obvious in paint manufacturing programs. There are three major parts of paint industry which are mentioned as coloring, binding and solvent agents in the industry. These all parts are related with utilization of benzene chemical which is

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