Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A Therapeutic Relationship Essay -- Health, Nursing

A therapeutic relationship is a key component in the nursing profession. Without therapeutic relationships, the best possible care can never be provided. The foundation in which trust is built upon is created from the nurse’s ability to truly listen and respond appropriately. Listening creates the base in developing a strong, trusting relationship. Sometimes it is simply hearing what a patient says that makes all the difference, empowering them to open up and become more comfortable with the nurse (Hawkins-Walsh, 2000). The framework for creating a therapeutic relationship is built on the nurse’s ability to show empathy towards the client. Empathy is being able to put oneself in the patient’s shoes, to feel the same things they feel and to explore what it means to them (RNAO, 2002). Without the ability to relate to Irene, a trusting relationship cannot be developed nor can mutual respect be earned. Trust is the foundation for building a relationship; once created, the client feels more comfortable opening up. Trust is established in many ways; such as keeping confidentiality, be...

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