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Archstone-Smith Trust Risk Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Archstone-Smith Trust Risk Assessment - Essay Example Archstone-Smith Trust. Since 1970, Archstone-Smith has increased market viability, customer base, and stock prices. Market value of the Archstone-Smith Trust in 2002 was around $10 billion dollars and now it's around $19 billion dollars. This report will try to find and analyze its S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat) and provide recommendations the company's future. This includes an analysis of the major competitor, Equity Residential, and a critical review of the base theories and the manner in which Archstone-Smith functions. Archstone-Smith Trust began as a Texas REIT (Real-Estate Investment Trust) named El Paso Real-Estate Investment Trust. In 1960 Congress established REIT, which opened the window of opportunity to the small investors invests in real estate in a manner similar to mutual funds. Investors could take REIT public and be able to trade their share in the same mannerism as corporations traded stocks. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as normal stock exchanges monitored these REIT public trades. In 1970 the company decided to change its name from El Paso Real Estate Trust to Property Trust of America. Property Trust of America started investing in a wide range of real estate with its new name. In 1980 the company's portfolio reached from shopping malls to a Holiday inn in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. The evaluation was difficult because REIT's assets were so diversified into various sectors. William D. Sanders, the real estate mogul joined Property Trust America and focused on the apartment market in the Southwest. In 1989, Sizeler Property Investment Inc. decided to take over the Property Trust America, but in the middle of negotiation Sizeler gave up and sold their share to SWRT. SWRT was a company that was specially established by Sanders to buy back the shares from Sizeler Property Investment Inc. Soon after Sanders retired he established a new form of business venture that invests in real estate, investment banking, consulting, and research with help from some institutional investors. The name of the company was Security Capital Group and its first investment was Property Trust America. When REIT hired Southwest Realty Advisors to consult Property Trust America they recommend Property Trust America to focus on Apartments. In 1991, Property Trust America went public to expend fund. Property Trust America focused its business in apartment buildings during the 90's. Brand Creation The brand name Archstone was named by Lippincott &Margulies, one of the best branding firms in the U.S., to create the first national brand in apartments. Illustration 1.0: Archstone-Smith Brand Image In May 2001, Archstone acquired Charles E. Smith Residential Realty Inc. who was in

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