Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Business Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Business Plan - Term Paper Example The business is to be set on rented premises within the University. The current target market has no serious competition basing on a study that clearly indicated that no individual or institution had seriously considered kitting fans (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow, 60). This is with respect to their sports with the aim of encouraging them to actually participate in the events at leisurely levels as opposed to watching and cheering from the sidelines. The niche is cut by the fact that fans only put on new replica outfits meant to identify with their teams but majority rarely try out their respective sports of interest. Provision of cheaper outfit should encourage participation hence a new market. This can also be seen as a way of offering excellence personal training kit for the very active and lively sportsmen at the expediency of their training grounds (Kennedy 2000). Through provision of carefully sourced used equipment not easily found within the city, Brave hearts intends to command personalized customer attention at an affordable price hence a great business opportunity (Hiebing & Cooper, 89). The Student has secured a central location in the city for easier correspondence with external customers. This should provide a collection point easily accessible from any part of the city through all available means of transport. Proper shop layout combined with Student’s knowledge and interest should make Brave hearts Sportswear Investment a worthwhile and profitable venture. Four years from now, Brave hearts Sportswear Investments will be one of the best suppliers of used but quality sports gear within the country with a fully satisfied customer base. This should translate to annual revenues of over two million by being consistent in timely delivery, reasonably priced products and organizing sports events for both professional and regular sports enthusiasts.

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