Thursday, September 26, 2019

Contraception Mandate in ACA , American policy Essay

Contraception Mandate in ACA , American policy - Essay Example alue issues that these interest groups have against the contraception mandate and consider the best way to reconcile the mandate with those value issues (Persily, 2013). Using a problem framing approach, I would start by identifying the problem through gathering data on the different views of people who support, and who do not support the mandate and from those who have expert knowledge on the issue. In this first step of problem framing, I would seek to establish the conditions created by the problem such as fear that the government is overstepping its constitutional rights and mandate. Additionally, my coverage would assess whether the problem is drawing from the statement of the mandate. I would determine the goals of the initiative and how well these goals have been understood by the opposing groups. I would determine the urgency of the problem for example by looking at stipulated timeline of the mandate and the potential benefits that those opposed to it could miss. I would close my problem framing with both short-term and long-term objectives of viable solutions (Persily, 2013). Using the domains approach, I would cover the way different dimensions interplay in the occurrence of the contention on contraception mandate. In the legal domain, I would consider how the mandate touches on areas such as reproductive health rights, the bill of human rights, and freedom of religion. In the religious domain, I would consider the doctrinal elements of different religious and denominations that are opposed to the mandate. The economic domain is also coming in as an integral domain because some of those opposed to the mandate are employers. I would cover the role of the medical domain to the issue of contraception mandate (Persily, 2013). After covering the story from the aforementioned approaches, I would conclude by looking the viable solutions to the opposition faced by the contraception mandate. One of the solutions that resolve the opposition against the

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