Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Court Observations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Court Observations - Research Paper Example The observations made by me in the Bennington District Court are categorised under body language and appearances, the messages conveyed by the body and the dressing patterns of the people at the hearing. However, every action depicted possesses a psychological perspective, that determines the observed actions of the people in question. Therefore, such observations can be supported with explanations, behind such reflexive body languages of people. The following study was conducted at the Bennington District Court House located in Bennington, Vermont. The study is a brief survey of the attitudes of the people appearing in court. The following observations were made by me not only in the recent few days, but also over the course of the last few months. I made these observations while working as a deputy sheriff in the Bennington District Court. Most of the people observed were in the lower/middle class. There was a wide variety in the appearance of the people observed. It is difficult to narrow it down to a certain body image. There were people of all ages, from all social classes, and all different appearances. However, it was apparent that many of the people observed appeared to be drug users, based upon certain characteristics of their body image. A majority of the people were also smokers, as I observed cigarettes in most people's handbags while entering the court, and most people took several "smoke breaks" between hearings. Dress There were people dressed very poorly to very extravagantly. The majority of the lower class did not make any effort to dress up for their hearings, possibly because many were repeat guests of the court, and they saw no need to dress up. Many first-time offenders at court seem to dress much more appropriately, probably to make a good impression of the judge. Body Messages Many people appeared to be nervous and uncomfortable, understandably. Repeat offenders seemed to be much more relaxed because they know what to expect, and they have been through the process before. For some repeat offenders, it is a part of their lifestyle. There are some people that are constantly in and out of court. For these people, it is no big deal. For first time offenders, it is clear that they are much more uncomfortable. They are not familiar with the court system, and often feel that they do not belong there mixed in with the repeat offenders who are there on a regular basis. Appendix B

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