Monday, September 9, 2019

Texas Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Texas Government - Essay Example For instance, the power of the governor, presiding officers and lobbyists is substantially increased because of inadequate duration for detailed scrutiny of bills. Shorter sessions also do not provide with a favorable environment for raising issues and encourage delaying tactics until an adverse situation develops. Despite several changes in particularities of legislative sessions over the years, the proposed amendments providing for annual sessions have been repeatedly rejected by the voters to prevent increased government power and spending estimated at over $40 million. However, a careful consideration of aforementioned prospects and consequences suggests that the sessions should be allowed annually to remove the obstacles to effective governance practices. A deviation from such conservative political culture has its economic costs but would probably improve the ability of state to provide for public services, settling the spending in the longer run (Newell et al., 50, 170). Along with six other states, the salaries of Texas legislators are set through constitutional amendments. However, the $7,200 annual salary for Texas legislators has remained constant since 1975. Texas is the second largest state after California in terms of population, but this figure is 13 times lower as compared to California. It is even lower than half of the federal minimum estimated for a family of four to stay above poverty level. Legislators also receive a per day allowance during the regular or special sessions for covering expenses. They are also entitled to mileage allowance, state apartments and allowance for up-to 12 days per month while serving on state board/council or carrying out legislative work between sessions. The Ethics Commission, under a 1991 state constitution amendment, is empowered to increase daily allowances and constitute a citizen advisory board for proposing changes in legislative salaries to voters.

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