Thursday, October 17, 2019

Collage of Echoes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Collage of Echoes - Essay Example A literal interpretation of the poem could simply detail a human experience, whereas an analytical level of interpretation could provide a better justification of the poet’s ideas. In Collage of Echoes, the gender and identity of the persona are not specified, thus for ease of interpretation, one may assume to use the author’s gender. The persona in the poem is doing a self-talk or reflection. In the opening lines, she tells herself, â€Å"I have no promises to keep/Nor miles to go before I sleep† (1-2). These lines reveal that the persona has no obligations to accomplish, and no places to visit. Pleased with this thought, she expresses her intention to sleep or relax. Based on this, readers may think of the persona as a busy person, possibly an adult engaged in business, who, at the end of the day tells herself that she can sleep after she has accomplished her responsibilities. However, the repetition of the phrase, â€Å"no promises to keep† (7) could ma ke the reader realize that a literal interpretation of the poem is not enough to deduce the author’s ideas, hence, a deeper level of analysis is needed. An analytical interpretation of the poem requires deducing of meaning based on the author’s use of literary devices.

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