Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Information Systems - Essay Example y apply to businesses in the manufacturing setting but also to those in the service industry such as banks, hospitals, the military, as well as the environment management(Gupta, 1998). Companies that are service oriented may be seen to distribute non-physical products, they are also involved in the distribution of decisions and activities that accompany those decisions(Edelstein, 1991). For instance, in this case R/Way Trucking Company could be involved in the distribution of freight bills to its suppliers or clients. The company may need to maintain all the inventories held by the manufacturers of its trucks which may also include transporting the shipping documents. The idea of selecting internet based architecture would be a brilliant one for R/Way Truck Company because it will help the company keep up with the growing competitive forces in the market as well as respond to the pressures of the global marketplace. Incorporating internet based architecture will also help the company to deliver their services faster, with high quality and greater performance. This architecture will contain software applications that range from document management systems, word processing programs to payroll management software. R/Way Truck Company should adopt the client-server architecture because it is accessible in a much easier way from various platforms in the networks. It is also an improvement of the functions of the user as well as presentation from the server to the client. Moreover, it leads to an improved system scalability and responsiveness to the user whereby changes can be made easily by upgrading the server. Also, the company can be able to define and access its security rights when the server is being set. The client server architecture will not only bring about the efficient when it comes to sharing of information but also in the integration of services. The client server is also easily control and ensures that there is proper management of the files and easier

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