Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Master of Business Administration in Marketing Essay

Master of Business Administration in Marketing - Essay Example I would also like to thank my band mates, composing good music, sharing every nice moment with me, for their friendship, encouragement, insightful comments and reviewed my work on very short notice. Finally, I would like to thank my family for giving me life in the first place, for educating me with aspects from both the arts and sciences, for unconditional support and encouragement to pursue my interests, even when my interests went beyond the boundaries of language, field and geography. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 6 Chapter 1: Introduction to the Business Concept 8 1.1 Objectives 8 1.2 The Band’s Biography 9 1.3 Keys to Success 10 1.4 Imaging Statement 11 1.5 Management Team 12 Chapter 2: Music Industry Analysis 12 2.1 General Music Industry 12 2.2 Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 14 2.2.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 16 2.2.2 Bargaining Power of Customers 17 2.2.3 Threat of Substitutes 18 2.2.4 Competitive Rivalry within the Industry 19 2.3 Live Music I ndustry 21 2.4 PEST Analysis 22 2.4.1 PEST Analysis for Mainland China 22 2.4.2 PEST Analysis for Macau 27 2.4.3 PEST Analysis for Hong Kong and Taiwan 31 Chapter 3: Competitor Analysis 35 3.1 Forget the G 36 3.1.2 Evade 36 3.1.3 L.A.V.Y. 37 3.1.4 Blademark 37 3.2 Points of Difference 38 3.3 WhyOceans Analysis 38 Chapter 4: Marketing Strategy and Tactics 43 4.1 Marketing Mix 43 4.1.1 Product 43 4.1.2 Promotion 44 4.1.3 Distribution 45 4.1.4 Price 46 Chapter 5: Financial Plan 46 5.1 Projected Net Income 46 5.2 Sources of Capital 47 5.3 Projected Profit and Loss 47 5.4 Projected Cash Flow 50 5.5 Projected Balance Sheet 52 Chapter 6: Conclusion 52 References 54 Appendix 56 Executive Summary The business plan for the Post-Rock band, WhyOceans, is the result of extensive research via the internet, library and personal communication with a variety of individuals. With thorough research of the music industry, specifically the Post-Rock genre, Mr. Tommy Chu was able to develop a business pl an supporting the promotion of WhyOceans. This business plan focuses on a plan for each of the areas supporting this promotion including marketing, management, technical and financial, to draw some booking agencies or record company managers. These people are able to book the band’s performances and create album sales throughout Macau and begin to spread the music to mainland China. This business plan will show that the band will become successful. Each year, its sales and revenue are planned increases that are an indication of the band’s success. Band Description WhyOceans consists of 6 members based in Macau. Their music combines rock and psychedelic elements and falls into the â€Å"Post-Rock† genre, with roots stretching back to the early days of the Pink Floyd. Post-Rock music is currently an expanding genre. WhyOceans will create a unique stylized image for itself that will help with promotion. WhyOceans’ songs are catchy, melodic and unique. That i s the first selling point for the band. None of WhyOceans’ songs sound the same, and while they are stylistically similar there are noticeable differences. Marketing WhyOceans will employ an integrated mix of low-cost, highly effective tools and

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