Sunday, October 20, 2019

The one child policy essays

The one child policy essays Throughout this essay the one child policy will be outlined and how it will be enforced. Also wether the need for the one child policy will outweigh the problems of human rights The one child policy consists of three main points: having delayed marriages and child bearing, having fewer and healthier births and having only one child per family. After years of encouraging reproduction, in 1979 the Chinese government created a policy known as the one child policy. The policy was implemented due to its large population as it continued to increase and its attempt to fight widespread poverty and to improve the overall quality of life. As each year passed Chinas population increased by 55 million. This is why the policy was adopted; to ensure that china would be able to feed its people; this was a worry as china had a bad historical background of severe flooding and famine The one child policy although did not apply to all people. There are several ways you can have second child legally. If you lived in a rural areas where families needed support in there old age or if you were from an ethnic minority you were formally excluded or if your first child was mentally or physically disabled or if you had twins or people who were made redundant form state firms were excluded from the one child policy. Although it had been known that the government forced these people to comply by these rules. If you decided you wanted to have second child without you having any of theses exceptions and the government caught you the person/s would miss out on a lot of compensation and financial assistance. Such as assistance in education, university and public schooling, Medicare, priority pension and youre the parents would not be offered a 5-10% salary as an incentive to have only one child. Also having another child would mean 15% of family income was imposed or you were forced to have an abortion and the granny police were around to make sure ...

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