Thursday, January 30, 2020

Hamilton VS. Jefferson Essay Example for Free

Hamilton VS. Jefferson Essay Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson have different views about the future of America, but they both and intensions to better America by 1794. Hamilton believed in the government getting stronger with the rise of large corporations that can help provided jobs. Jefferson wanted to weaken the central government, and empower the states governments. Which view was more realistic and created a more secure system? With the Hamilton and Jefferson conflict, this helped raise political parties to decide what is good for the United States of America. Each view needed the other to create a government that would be strong enough to protect itself from its people and from external strife. During the reconstruction era, both Jefferson and Hamilton had different vision and outcomes for the future of our people. Hamilton believes in a strong central government, believed that the common people often acted foolishly and most of all wanted to balance the economy by establishing a national bank. He wanted to see the rise of strong and large corporations and businesses flourish through the success of American’s trade, financing, and agriculture. Hamilton’s saw the future of America as, bringing corporations up and increasing manufactures and trade, can help maintain internal taxes and help pay off war debt. In the article, Wealth and Success, â€Å"Hamilton’s Argues for the Constitutionality of the National Bank, he explains why the Bank of the United States is helpful for America. ‘Concerning the constitutionality of the bill for establishing a national bank, proceeds, according to the order of the president, to submit the reasons which have induced him to entertain and different opinion’ (Wealth and Success).† This eventually helped us understand more on how running a nations country and Hamilton favored giving government aid for trade, finance and manufacturing which was just like the British system. By trying to strengthen the union Hamilton increased the number of federal employees and then treated individual liberties and rights, such as freedom of speech, as being restricted to some. Thinking about more power in the government creates the people to go against him. Jefferson protested Hamilton’s proposal and made it seem unconstitutional. Thomas Jefferson known as the third president of the United States wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson had deep faith in common people and was given power from the U.S. constitution and planed the Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson wanted more for the people and favored a weak central government and wanted more individual state power. Individual liberties must be protected by laws and didn’t support giving the government aid, like Hamilton did. While Hamilton created a New York life and was impulsive and wanted the best for himself and never listened to the people. Jefferson was less passionate about the competition between governments and wanted to eliminate internal taxes and pay off all the national debt. He believes that people should not depend on their government and a citizenry dependent on the government couldn’t become independent. Having a democratic government reduced the number of federal employees and helped distribute special privileges to the common people. Through out these different perspectives that Jefferson and Hamilton both shared, America went through hell getting things back on track. Hamilton had showed and helped noticed that Americans have been in debt for industrial development and wished to repay off debt. But this is only able to happen if you have faith and courage for the common people to help do so. He never gave the citizens a chance and created a strong government to take over. Jefferson realized that people were still being controlled when America is a free country by the government and Jefferson stood back to support the states rights. Everyone is known to be treated equally and have his or her own equal rights. Liberty and happiness comes from each individual man and among men the government is functioned through the happiness of men. Reference:

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