Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Moholy-Nagy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Moholy-Nagy - Essay Example Moholy Nagy suggests that the only solution to deal with the nature of the contemporary economy is to innovate and design equipment that can produce large volumes of a particular type of homogenous product that can satisfy the needs of the people. Historically, the house representing the economy was not so complicated compared to today’s economy. The current economy is comprised of rising demand which means that a particular type of product can be demanded at the same time. This means that production of the same product has to be increased. Moholy-Nagy argues that it is not enough to improve the form of product but how the product is produced as a means of contributing to the performance of the entire economy. His contributions have influenced significant changes in the world of typography and design during the contemporary period. The current economy demands that we move towards mass production of the products that are demanded by the consumers. This has compelled the people to design new â€Å"prototypes† or rather equipment that can be used to produce the demanded products in large quantities. Moholy’s contribution has influenced the design of new technology to manufacture different goods meant to sati sfy the needs of different people. This mechanization has significantly contributed towards the development of the entire economy. This means that the new improvements have also played a pivotal role in improving the welfare of the people. Today, the economy is mainly determined by mechanization and mass production. We need to experiment with things in order to design prototypes that are meant to improve our entire way of life by means of economic production. As we move towards modernism, it is a virtue to harness art and design to come up with the best type of equipment that can enhance economic development. Our current economy demands effective and efficient means of production and this can only be possible through

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